what kind of wood do you use? 

The primary wood that we use and always have in stock is a variety of reclaimed woods we source locally. This often means it's been rescued from a home built in the 1790's and saved from going into a landfill.  All of our reclaimed wood is kiln dried. We also use a variety of new lumber that we purchase from high end lumber yards, we do not use wood from chain home improvement stores as this wood is not suitable for high end furniture making. 


why is reclaimed wood more expensive if its "used"?

Reclaimed wood has a very long and tedious process to make it useable. It takes time to source the wood, deliver it to our shop, and then it must be de-nailed by hand, planed and sanded to make it straight and square for furniture making. We then have to kiln dry the wood to make sure it's completely free of moisture and then run it through a bug kill cycle.  Since these boards are being repurposed and come from very old structures, they are in need of a lot of prep work which adds to the time it takes us to make a product significantly as apposed to using a new wood product. 


What is "kiln dried wood"?

Kiln dried wood is reclaimed wood that has been heated to a temperature for a specific amount of time to remove any moisture to make the wood suitable for construction. We also must run it through a high temp insect kill cycle per US code to prevent the transfer of harmful insects in the wood. It is extremely important that you make sure when purchasing anything made with reclaimed wood that it has been kiln dried. Do not ever purchase an item if it has not been kiln dried as you run the risk of the item warping or transferring harmful insects to your home or business. 


how long does it take to make a custom sign?

It all depends on the size of the sign and amount of lettering. We typically can get any size sign out within 7 days of a finalized custom order. This also depends on the time of year as the holiday season is much busier and can lend to longer production times. If you need an order for a specific date please contact us and we will do our very best to make it for you. 


are your signs hand painted, stencil, or vinyl?

All of our signs are hand painted with high quality paint pens. We never use a stencil or vinyl cut out. Since all of our signs are hand painted, you can expect some slight imperfections which add to the character of the piece. We prefer this look to the perfect lines of the screen printed or vinyl signs which is why we chose the hand painted process. 


who makes your signs and furniture?

All of our signs and furniture are designed and produced by us (Meg & Justin). We have a small wood shop at our home where everything is produced by hand to our high quality standards. We are very proud of our work and love being a part of the hand made in America movement.