This is quite possibly the best before and after project I've ever been a part of. The "three season" room is on the back of a house built in 1955. It's not insulated and although it's the largest room in the house, it ended up being a forgotten about space filled with odds and ends and never used. I immediately saw amazing potential for this room, especially with the large fireplace focal point and the wall of windows and sliding glass doors that look out on the properties beautiful sprawling backyard. 

The entire project took just short of two months and cost roughly a couple thousand dollars. The floor had outdoor carpet glued down to it and it and had to be stripped, the concrete was ground down before being painted. All the panneling and stone was painted a bright clean white to brighten up the space. 

This wall had a window that just looked into the garage space, so it wasn't really necessary and was taking up space in both rooms. We removed it and replaced the paneling to cover the hole. The wall was now a perfect spot for this collage of photographs. 

There was an existing couch with a pull out bed that we left in the room, we sanded and applied a darker stain and replaced the cushion covers with an updated solid charcoal gray. The design theme of the room was a subtle masculine feel with Maine cabin influences. The pillow covers and throw blanket helped add some coziness while keeping it within the theme. 

These incredible stairs were built by the owner of the house. The existing stairs were concrete with metal outdoor railings. Instead of removing the stairs we made a frame around the concrete and built the wood stairs on top. The wood used was douglas fir tongue and groove. These stairs had a huge design impact on the room, making it feel more updated and finished. 

Side note: these gorgeous flowers are from the local farm down the street. If you're a resident of Connecticut, you should absolutely follow Stone Gardens Cut Flowers on facebook! You'll be hearing much more about them in the future growing season, as they are a partner of mason/dixon! 

The lighting in the room is really incredible. It's sunny throughout most of the day and the light just pours in. We didn't want to block that out too much or cover the view of the backyard, so just a few curtains were needed mostly just to soften up the space. We made custom rods from simple wood dowels and a few cans of spray paint. The rods are hung on Martha Stewart's hardware found at Lowes. 

We decided the room would be better heated by the use of a woodstove. An open fireplace draws so much cold air from any drafty places in the house and would never properly heat up the room. All the stars aligned for us with this woodstove, as it was donated to us and delivered by some family memebers during a move! The stove is incredibly hot, and has ended up not only heating the porch but the entire house. 

I had the vision for this collage wall from the beginning of the project. I knew it was something I really wanted in the room and it turned out perfectly. It's a great mix of antiques we found in Maine at an amazing flea market and frames from Ikea with old and new photographs.

The coffee table and dining table were both built by the owner of the home. Each piece was made with reclaimed wood and really helped to soften up the room and give it another layer of design. Since the room was painted entirely white, we knew it was important to contrast it with some darker woods. 

The woodpile fits perfectly on the side of the fireplace, and also adds to the look and feel of the room. The other side of the fireplace is decorated with some large wood saws we found at the flea market in Maine. The mantle is decorated with old mason jars, wood tools, an old tackle box, and some photographs. 

These old crates were found on one of my flea market trips, and the old tin bucket was found in Maine. I knew it was perfect for holding succulents, and it adds some great color to the space. 

The dining table is really incredible. The rough saw cuts add so much character and the hairpin legs keep the space open and clean, with a great vintage feel. The green wood folding chairs are from a local shop called Emerson Vintage Design, and they could not be more perfect for the space. You'll be hearing more about that shop too, as it is also a partner of mason/dixon!

This room is supremely cozy on a cool fall day with all the candles lit and the woodstove crackling, the view of the foliage in the backyard and the sun shining in. I could not be happier with the results. 

Megan Kazukynas