So there's this new way of finding hidden treasures on the internet without having to deal with the craziness of Craigslist. Facebook has set up a way to start a local "tag sale" page you can join and either sell or buy almost anything and everything under the sun. I recently joined a few of them in my area and have sold a few things very easily. I came across this bar top cabinet about a month ago that was $40. We've got this little space between the living room and dining area that really needed something, and this piece seemed like it would fit perfectly and be great for extra storage and serving space. 

The piece was in pretty rough shape, but had definite potential. The blue most certainly had to go and I had some ideas to make it a little more custom to fit our farmhouse decor. I sanded down the entire piece to get it ready for paint and then removed the doors to take out the middle pieces of particle board. 

I put on a few layers of bright white paint which immediately made the piece look a thousand times better. The blue was just way too bright and distracting. I replaced the particle board in the two doors with some chicken wire we had leftover from our garden.

I then replaced the bar top and interior shelf with reclaimed wood, this really added a lot of character. Some new black hardware was the final step and the cabinet was done! 

Just those few changes made this piece really stand out. It fits perfectly in it's little spot (which will eventually have a nicely painted wall behind it) and will be great for serving drinks on while entertaining! I'm so happy I took the chance on this little Facebook tag sale find, this is why it's so important to be able to see the potential in an otherwise somewhat scary looking piece of furniture! 

Megan Kazukynas