New year, new us? I suppose that's what's happened. This business has had a mind of it's own to say the least. We started out selling handmade clutch purses, then moved to a handmade clothing + accessories shop, then moved to vintage + handmade + sustainable goods, and now we seem to have landed (and I think for good) on handmade reclaimed wood signs + furniture + home goods. Things were always changing for me as a business owner; my location, my full time job, my friends, and the shop seemed to move along with those changes. But it seems now that I'm officially "settled", the shop is too. We fell into the sign making business over Thanksgiving and it's been non stop ever since. I have to say I absolutely love making and selling them, which is a big change from how I usually feel about things I make and sell. Which makes me feel like we are in this for the long run. Aside from the signs, my husband makes the most incredible furniture from reclaimed wood and I'm so excited to be selling that as well. Our long term goal is to have a small retail shop that will showcase all of our signs, furniture, home goods, and other things we craft, as well as handmade + vintage goods. We shall see where this next chapter takes us, but thanks for hanging in there and staying with us for this crazy ride! Oxo

Megan Kazukynas