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Well the office is finally empty and I'm ready to tackle this space! The only problem is, I am terrible at picking out paint colors. I mean, truly terrible. I am notorious for buying samples upon samples and usually not being totally in love with the final color in the end. This is probably because my entire house is currently shades of white and gray, which if you've ever painted with those colors you know that there are hundreds to choose from and they are all just a tiny bit different, especially in different lights. 

Above I've posted some inspiration photos. I'm currently obsessed with super dark moody colors for either trim, ceiling, or an accent wall. I do still love my whites and light grays, because we have small rooms in our home and I need those light colors to expand the space. I really love the color of the trim in the first photo and it was the first one that caught my eye while searching for inspiration photos. The other trims aren't black but are really beautiful dark moody colors which also caught my eye. 

I'm really loving the black plank ceiling, I think it's a gorgeous focal point in that space and since the office is so small I wonder if it would draw the eye up and make it look larger. My only hesitation is that the wall with the only window is going to have "wallpaper" (more on that later) so I just hope it's not too busy with the black ceiling and a black print on the wall. 

So I've spent hours upon hours looking for the perfect wallpaper, which was not easy since I'm having such a design identity crisis! I eventually decided to go with the strawberry leaf print shown above. I love the black print and that it resembles a traditional wallpaper but the strawberry leaf adds a fun nature element to it. This is also not a real wallpaper but a roll on print. I've never attempted one of these before so this should be interesting but I love the fact that I can choose any colors for the background and the print!

I'm off to the paint store, please wish me luck and I'll be posting an update once I choose the colors! Whenever that may be...

Megan Kazukynas