This shelf was made from reclaimed wood from a home in Shelton, CT built in 1790. The tin is from an old barn in Missouri. It was originally made as a custom order for a customer, but we loved the design so much we decided to make more! It's perfect as bathroom/kitchen storage or a display shelf! Contact us for custom sizing and pricing.

Megan Kazukynas

We can't seem to keep up with orders lately for these hand painted signs with a locally sourced reclaimed wood frame that is all handmade! I love the look of them, especially against a bright white shiplap wall. They make a great art piece to hang on the wall, and I love how people have been customizing them with their favorite bible verses. Contact us for custom orders or visit our Etsy Shop to see what we have available!

Megan Kazukynas

New year, new us? I suppose that's what's happened. This business has had a mind of it's own to say the least. We started out selling handmade clutch purses, then moved to a handmade clothing + accessories shop, then moved to vintage + handmade + sustainable goods, and now we seem to have landed (and I think for good) on handmade reclaimed wood signs + furniture + home goods. Things were always changing for me as a business owner; my location, my full time job, my friends, and the shop seemed to move along with those changes. But it seems now that I'm officially "settled", the shop is too. We fell into the sign making business over Thanksgiving and it's been non stop ever since. I have to say I absolutely love making and selling them, which is a big change from how I usually feel about things I make and sell. Which makes me feel like we are in this for the long run. Aside from the signs, my husband makes the most incredible furniture from reclaimed wood and I'm so excited to be selling that as well. Our long term goal is to have a small retail shop that will showcase all of our signs, furniture, home goods, and other things we craft, as well as handmade + vintage goods. We shall see where this next chapter takes us, but thanks for hanging in there and staying with us for this crazy ride! Oxo

Megan Kazukynas

Well, this past year or so has been a busy one. There was an engagement, a wedding, a move, and now a new shop! We are so excited to be back in the swing of things and back to selling all the vintage + handmade goods that we love! We've had the great opportunity to be a part of a shop in Seymour, CT in the historic antiques district, which we did a day trip post on a little while back. This little section of town is so fantastic, the antique shops are beautiful and full of amazing unique items. It's a quiet little part of town right on the train tracks, which just adds to the charm. You can read more about it in this post! 

The shop we are sharing a space with is called Ro + Bette's Attic and it's located at 143 Main Street in Seymour, CT. This place is full of some serious vintage bargain finds. If you're looking for the current "Fixer Upper" style, this is where you need to go! We've filled our little section of the shop with all of our favorite vintage finds + some amazing handmade in the USA items that will be perfect holiday gifts, so shop early!

We are so happy to be "back" and now that things have calmed down we'll be posting daily updates on the blog, and our social media accounts, as well as new blog posts! 

Megan Kazukynas